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Magic Stain Remover

Reviewed by Lencie Harding on 07/12/2018
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Magic Stain Remover
Forget Abracadabra! Even magicians will be asking how does Rubbedin's Magic Stain Remover make stains vanish.
Reviewed by IRENE NEWPORT on 06/12/2018
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Stain remover
The best stain remover I have ever used.

Magic Stain Remover - Pen

Reviewed by Kim Ladner on 14/12/2018
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Magic Stain Remover Pen
Wow! This Magic Stain Remover pen actually works. With 3 messy kids, there is always an abundance of stains on their clothes and all I need to do is give the stain a quick once-over with the Magic Pen and add a little water and it vanishes like magic. I have one at home and another to keep in my handbag for when we are out so it's on hand to use at any time.

All Purpose Magic

Reviewed by So Young Cho on 13/12/2017
Star Star Star Star Star
Just amazing!
For the past years, I tried various cleaning products but most of them didn't work well. All Purpose Magic is different. I use it when cleaning my kitchen, bathroom and all kinds of metal products. It works really well and I do not need to scrub the surface hard. I just love this product! and it also kills dirty germs.
Reviewed by Rosemary on 07/12/2016
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Benches Bedazzled
This is a great product. It cleans and leaves a beautiful sheen to my laminate bench. I always have that satisfied feeling of a job completed well when I use All Purpose Spray.
Reviewed by Gavin on 07/12/2016
Star Star Star Star Star
Works a Treat
This all purpose spray is amazing not just around the house either great for getting the mag wheels clean on my car and boat trailer, I also use in the boat to clean the vinyl seats totally amazing product

Magic Stainless Steel Wipes

Reviewed by Susan Mathews on 13/12/2017
Star Star Star Star Star
So Easy
These wipes are so easy to use; just grab one out of the pack, wipe, buff with paper towel and 'hey presto', like Magic the kettle sparkles.
Reviewed by Natalie Stoute on 16/12/2016
Star Star Star Star Star
No more fingerprints!
These are wonderful! Not only do they remove any smudges, fingerprints and grime but they seem to prevent future marks and leave a marvellous sheen. They are quite moist and one wipe will do my fridge, dishwasher, toaster and coffee maker.
Reviewed by Yvonne Ryan on 08/12/2016
Star Star Star Star Star
Stainless Steel Magic Wipes
l absolutely love the Stainless Steel Magic Wipes , they are appropriately named as they really are Magic Wipes . l use them for all the stainless steel in the house and they bring everything up like new without any effort . l love that there is no effort involved in cleaning my stainless steel . My husband has a packet in the shed to for his bike wheels (his very fussy) and he absolutely loves them too . l would rate these 10/10 they really are excellent
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