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Reviewed by Tracey Huenerberg on 15/08/2017
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Purachoice Kitchen Cleaner
I have just purchased this product last week from Woollies after using the "Method" brand which is made in the US. On seeing that this product is made locally here in Aust, I was happy to purchase it and give it a try. I have only used it a couple of times so far but find it very effective and has a delightful lime smell that it not overpowering and extremely pleasant. It cleans better than the Method brand and I will continue to buy it as my regular cleaning product for the kitchen. Will be going to Woollies and seeing if they have the bathroom cleaner, as this is where I need a non-toxic low fume product due to me having asthma and cannot even go near a product containing bleach with its toxic fumes;
Reviewed by Jodie Morgan on 15/05/2017
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Finally I can breathe while cleaning.
Hi everyone, I recently purchased these products as I am an asthmatic and my Mother Inlaw has COPD. I am thrilled to announce I can clean the house without using my Ventolin. Some organic cleaners have a very strong herbal sent, but this cleaner doesn't, which is wonderful as it's not overwhelming. Also these cleaners actually work, and without having to scrub. I'm so happy. I will not use anything else. Thank you for making such amazing products. I now look forward to cleaning instead of dreading it. 😊
Reviewed by Nadine Castles on 20/04/2017
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Doesnt Affect My Asthma
Pura choice hypoallergenic ultra sensitive kitchen cleaner is great it works and doesn't affect my asthma or my sinuses. So great in fact I called the Rubbedin 1800 telephone number to voice my appreciation. Thank you kindly to the lady who answered on the other end and let me know that there are other products for the home available too.
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