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Are your products halal? No, none of our products are halal.
What else can I use BBQ Magic on? BBQ Magic can be used to remove difficult marks on almost any surface, including: carpet, walls, floors, clothes (as a pre-wash stain remover), and plastic outdoor furniture.
Can Barbeque Magic be used on ink screen printed barbeque fascias? No, as BBQ Magic will remove the ink, as will most solvent based cleaners, such as Spray and Wipe. Ink screen printed fascias are a cheap manufacturing alternative to decals and etching.
Do you use palm oil in your products? None of our products contain pure palm oil, some of our products do contain a derivative of Palm Oil, which is not only environmentally responsible, but also less of an irritant. The derivative we use is sourced from ethical plantations, and they are all certified.
What product do you recommend to remove cooking oil from Melamine Kitchen cupboards. We would recommend the BBQ Magic as it is a great degreaser and is safe to use on Melamine.
Is Descale Magic dangerous or caustic? No, Descale Magic is completely safe.
Can the Descale Magic be used to clean baby sterilisers? Yes, dissolve the sachet into the kettle as per the instructions on the box; add the amount of water to the steriliser as directed by the manufacturer. Run the steriliser as normal, after complete run steriliser with clean water.
What are the ingredients of Descale Magic? Unfortunately it is company policy not to hand out formulations of our products. I can tell you it is a blend of various products and is a food grade - citrus based formulation.
Can Descale Magic be used for my washing machine? Not really, it won't hurt your washing machine but is not aggressive enough to dissolve the scum and calcium build up that washing machines collect, rather use Washing Machine magic or if you haven't cleaned your machine for a few years use Washing Machine Magic Deep Clean.
The instructions on the Descale Magic box say "Not suitable for use in Aluminum or Magnesium Alloy kettles". Then on the sachet it says "Not suitable for use on Aluminum, Enamelled or Pyrex glass kettles". Can I use? We have spoken to Breville and they have advised that it is ok to use Descale Magic on your Breville Glass Kettle.
Why is there a funny taste in my coffee after using Descale Magic? As long as you have rinsed the coffee machine through after using Descale Magic, the machine should be clean and there should be no aftertaste. You need to follow the cleaning and descale instructions as per your instruction manual. There could be coffee granules or a buildup of scale stuck in the machine that could be causing it.
Does Descale Magic contain vinegar? No our Descale Magic does not contain vinegar. N.B. Some appliance manuals say not to use vinegar to descale the appliance.
How do you use Descale Magic in your iron? For Steam Irons: 1. Dissolve one sachet into 1 litre of WARM water. 2. Set the temperature to cotton and the steam control to dry. 3. Fill iron with Descale Magic solution. 4. Lay iron flat over metal dish to catch all discharge liquid. 5. Turn power on for 5 minutes then switch off and remove the plug. 6. Change the steam control to "steam" position dark liquid will be expelled. 7. Use cotton bud to ensure steam holes are clear. Wipe off any deposits left with a damp cleaning cloth. 8. If the steam holes are not clean, repeat steps 1 to 7.
Can I use Descale on my Aldi Coffee Machine? Yes, for coffee machines: Refer to the user manual supplied with your coffee machine for instructions specified for your machine. 1. Stir and dissolve the contents of one sachet in 1 litre of WARM water. 2. Add dissolved solution to water compartment. 3. Run approximately 200ml of the solution through the brew cycle into a cup. 4. Run approximately 200ml of the solution through the steam wand (if fitted) into a cup. 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the solution is used. Allow the machine to sit for 10 minutes between each cycle. 6. Rinse the machine by running one full compartment of clean water through the machine or until the water is clear.
Can I use the Descale Magic in copper pipes? Yes you can, but do not allow the Descale Magic to sit in the pipes for more than a couple of hours. Pipes should be flushed after use.
Where can I buy Cooktop Magic? Do you still make it? Unfortunately Woolworths and Coles have delisted it. We still manufacture Cooktop Magic, it is always avaliable on our website to purchase. It is however avaliable in Ritchies IGAs. Locations are limited to VIC, NSW and QLD at this stage, there is a store location finder on their website.
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