The Answer To All Your Woodheater & Fuel Stove Maintainance Needs

The Firewise Range is the answer to your wood heater and fuel stove maintenance needs with products to clean your chimney and flue, polish your cast iron stoves, build firepits and pizza ovens or restore your fireplace or BBQ.

Our Firewise Range has been developed, tested and proven effective for over 35 years with Soot-Loose now Australia's top selling Chimney and Flue Cleaner. 

Can't see the flames through your Woodheater Glass window? The Non Hazardous Crystal Clear Hot Glass Cleaner makes light work of stubborn soot, tar and creosote. Black Beauty Cast Iron Stove Polish not only keeps your woodheater looking like new by preventing flaking rusting and pitting, it is ideal for restoring the beauty of unpainted and old cast iron woodheaters and stoves.

If you are looking for High Temperature, heat resistant paints, our New Coat High Temp Paint is perfect for heat exposed metal that's rusting or needing a new coat. Heat resistant up to 500 degrees celsius, High Temp Pot Belly Black can be applied without primer to restore that black satin finish.

Our Hot Spot Ready To Use Mortar, Black Patch Stove Putty and Instant Brick Castable Cement are ideal for setting firebricks, installing and repairing fireplaces, chimneys and BBQs, as well as installing fibreglass rope in firedoors and sealing flues. 

The atmosfire Dry Wiper for fireplace window glass, recommended by glass ceramics manufacturer SCHOTT ROBAX®, cleans quickly, without water and without scratching.

Firewise products are available in major Supermarkets and DIY Stores, BBQs Galore, Independant Heating Retailers and our online store. 

Rubbedin is a proud member of the Australian Home Heating Association Inc. and New Zealand Home Heating Association Inc as well as an Affiliate of the Firewood Association of Australia



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