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Iron Magic Iron Baseplate Cleaner

Do you want a clean iron? Rubbedin's Iron Magic is an Iron cleaner that has been developed using a naturally derived polishing agent that loosens and dissolves baked on deposits from the base plate of your iron.

Our non scratch Iron cleaner makes ironing smoother & easier and is suitable for all irons including Teflon.

If used regularly our Iron cleaner will prolong the life of your iron and make the chore of ironing a little more bearable.

Rubbedin's Iron Magic is a non hazardous, non toxic, biodegradable iron base plate cleaner.

The Iron cleaner tube now has a sponge pad/scourer attached to the end of the tube for the ease of use and amazing results.

Where to Buy

  • IGA, Foodworks, Foodland, Friendly Grocer and Farmer Jacks
  • Mitre 10 Stores, Master Home Improvement Stores, Selected Thrifty Link and Home, Timber & Hardware
  • Online Shop

If you would like to see this on the shelf at Woolworths or Coles please contact them on:


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Size: 50g

Bulk sizes are available in 1kg

To order please call: 07 3245 3255 or email:

How to clean your iron with our iron cleaner

  1. Apply a thick layer of Iron Magic onto the stained area of the cold baseplate.
  2. Turn iron to wool setting and switch on. As soon as the Iron Magic starts to sizzle switch iron off. DO NOT allow Iron Magic to dry on the baseplate.
  3. Using the attached scourer pad ( or a non-scratch scourer) rub vigorously in a circular motion.
  4. Wipe off excess cleaner with a damp cloth. Clean steam holes with a wet cotton bud.
  5. After use, clean scourer pad using running water.
  • "Thank you so much for the sample, I have 2 irons one is approx 25yrs old with a steel base plate and the other is about 10yrs old with a Teflon base plate. They are both still in use by my family. The older one is quite soiled and it now looks almost new, I'm so impressed. The Teflon one, well I thought it wasn't dirt at all, but I was wrong! It is also now as new! What a great product, I shall be telling all of my fiends about it". Regards, I. Briggs
  • "I recently received your free product sample of the new Iron Magic. I have only ever used steel wool to clean my iron and your product is brilliant, so easy and no hard scrubbing. I work in the Hotel/Motel industry and I am going to take my sample to my employer and show her how good it is, I am sure she will be impressed". Regards, L. Schrader.
  • "Just giving you some feedback on the new improved Iron Magic. I found the product was very good in getting the bottom of my iron clean and removing sticky substance build up from fabric spray". Regards, D. Harris.
  • "Many thanks for the opportunity to try the new Iron Magic. I found it extremely good and would not hesitate to buy it again". Regards, S. Hocking.
  • "Hi I have just finished using the new improved Iron Magic. It is fantastic. It truly works. My iron glides over the clothes effortlessly. It makes ironing easier. Thank you for a wonderful product". Regards, C. Czisz.
  • "I got the sample last week and have already used it thank you. It's just great! Definitely a product I would recommend to my friends. Thanks very much for giving me the opportunity to try it". Regards, K.V. Brooks.
  • "Thank you for the sample. It seems to have renewed the base plate of my iron already. Thanks Again". S. Dixon.
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