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Stainless Steel Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector

Most homes have got stainless steel appliances such as fridges, ovens and even stainless steel sinks. But  how do you keep them looking brand new? You need a stainless steel cleaner that really works; one that is recommended and used by professionals and guaranteed not to smear!! Rubbedin's Stainless Steel Magic stainless steel cleaner is formulated to remove fingerprints, water spots, smears and casual grime from all your stainless steel appliances. It will bring all of your stainless steel surfaces back to a brilliant shiny finish.

Rubbedin's stainless steel cleaner leaves a protective film that repels new marks and with it's non scratch formula it won't damage your stainless steel at all. It can be used on any stainless steel including work tops, splash backs, fridges, cooktops, rangehoods, microwaves, dishwashers, BBQs, balustrades and coffee machines.

Our stainless steel cleaner is a non hazardous, biodegradable stainless steel cleaner and protector.

For tough marks, stains or general hard to move grime we recommend washing with warm soapy water first. If you have scratches on your sink use Rubbedin's Metal Magic to remove the scratches then finish with Stainless Steel Magic. 

To view our Stainless Steel Magic Guarantee click here

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  • Woolworths
  • Selected IGA, Foodworks, Foodland, Friendly Grocer and Farmer Jacks
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Size: 200ml

Bulk sizes are available in 4L 10L & 20L

To order please call: 07 3245 3255 or email:





 How to clean your stainless steel with our stainless steel cleaner

  1. Always shake before use.
  2. Apply a small amount of Stainless Steel Magic onto a clean, dry cloth or paper towel.
  3. Wipe appliance in the direction of the 'grain'.
  4. Wipe off any excess with a clean paper towel.

Rubbedin Stainless Steel Magic Testimonials

"Hi, Well I received the order from you yesterday and used my Glass Magic last night WOW! Then this morning I cleaned my sink with the stainless steel Magic cleaner Well it sparkles like new I can't believe it, and cant wait to ask the girls about their products. I received a sample of your Descale Magic for kettles well it has given my kettle a new lease of life, we were about to throw it out as it had that horrible brown stains inside and appeared to be starting to leak well Descale Magic solved all that and it too looks like new. Wish I had found these products years ago. Again I love my shiny new sink. Regards Lorell WOW" (Lorell QLD)

“For the past 4 years I have tried every product on the market to get the best clean and shine but am always left very disappointed. I tried Stainless Steel Magic and without doubt it stands up to its name (MAGIC). It is the most fantastic stainless steel cleaner I’ve ever used”. (N.G) VIC.

"My stainless steel was looking so dirty and unclean. I was over buying stainless steel products that didint work, untli i came across Stainless Steel Magic in Woolworths. This product is fab. I am one happy customer". (L.Y) NSW.

“This stainless steel cleaner is fantastic. Stainless Steel Magic doesn’t leave the surface oily and produces a remarkable shine…….making all the stainless steel surfaces sparkle wonderfully”. (M.C) QLD.

 "Stainless Steel is so hard to keep clean, but not anymore with Stainless Steel Magic. Thank you Rubbedin for creating such an amazing product to clean stainless steel". (B.G) VIC

 “To remove the tea staining [on our balustrades], which had accumulated over several months we purchased Stainless Steel Magic and found it not only eminently suitable for removing the tea stains, the thin film it deposits on the metal acts to prevent renewed staining to such an extent that a rapid going over once a fortnight has kept the balustrades looking as near pristine as we could desire”. (A.R) NSW.

 "Finger prints, finger prints, finger prints, i'm over seeing finger prints on my stainless steel appliances. So i went looking for a stainless steel cleaner and found Stainless Steel Magic. Wow, the finger prints vanished, and Stainless Steel Magic leaves a protective coating, allowing the easy removal of finger prints. I'm telling my girlfriends about this amazing product". (M.S) QLD.

 “We have been using the Stainless Steel Magic product at work on our stainless steel benches and it brings it up a treat, the only stainless steel cleaner we use!” (K.H) QLD.

  "Stainless steel is the hardest thing to keep clean. But with Stainless Steel Magic, all my appliances look brand new. This product is great in my commercial kitchen at work also" (J.G) QLD.

 “I have tried other products, but this [Stainless Steel Magic] is the best stainless steel cleaner I have encountered”. (G.S) VIC.

 "Yay! Finally a stainless steel cleaner that actually works. It's great to see an Australian Made and Owned company producing such top quality products. Stainless Steel Magic is a great stainless steel cleaner." (P.T) VIC

 “Wow! What an awesome stainless steel cleaner. Stainless Steel Magic is the ultimate stainless steel cleaner”. (S.C) VIC.

  "I just needed to contact you to say, i love your stainless steel cleaner, Stainless Steel Magic. So easy to use, much better than wipes". (C.P) QLD.

“I am writing about your stainless steel cleaner, Stainless Steel Magic. It is a brilliant product. Thankyou for creating a stainless steel cleaner that actually works”. (M.S) QLD.  

 "Stainless Steel Magic, is a great cleaner and polisher. My stainless steel looks brand new. I love how it leaves a protective coating and makes it easier to clean next time". (F.G) WA.

“What an incredible product! I just discovered Stainless Steel Magic! The best stainless steel cleaner on the supermarket shelf”. (M.C) NSW.  

 "Stainless Steel Magic has made my life easier. Such great results, a mush have in any household". (D.S) VIC.

“Thank you for the sample of Stainless Steel Magic. A great stainless steel cleaner, will be purchasing your product from now on”. (M.R) SA. 

"Stainless Steel Magic is MAGIC! You must try this product. The before and after is amazing". (R.T) NSW. 

“I would like to say how happy I am with Stainless Steel Magic. It leaves a great finish and shine. I’m one happy customer”. (B.C) WA.

Stainless Steel Magic Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of this product, return the unused product to Rubbedin accompanied by the proof of purchase and we will give you a full refund of the purchased price.


Please send to:

Rubbedin Pty Ltd

Unit 1/43 Neumann Road

Capalaba QLD 4157




Click Here to view the Material Safety Data Sheet

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